Hamley Home Inspections

We’ll get dirty & dusty & probably bump our head under the floorboards just to ensure we don’t miss a trick. You’ll get a thumbs up (or down) straight away & know that you are making a right decision.

Hamley Home Inspections

Buying a new home? Let us look after all of your concerns when making sure you’re not buying someone else’s hidden problems.

Hamley Home Inspections

We are Experts in period home renovations, so we know what is lurking behind that freshly painted wall – or at least have a sneaking and suspicious eye.

Hamley Home Inspections

Professional Building Consultants


Pre-purchase pest inspections or combined building & pest inspections.

Timber Pest

A timber pest inspection can save you thousands of dollars.

Special Purpose

Special purpose building reports as with all of our inspections and reports, fully comply with the relevant australian standards.

Investment Property

What a way to generate some wealth – but make sure you’re not buying a lemon; because your tenant will only tell you when it’s a BIG problem.


About Us

They must be fully qualified to perform a detailed assessment of a dwelling from the ground up. Too often I am told that inspectors zip through a house in 15 – 45mins and give it a big tick. How is this possible? A real estate agent opens a house for inspection to prospective buyers and that takes 30mins.

To fully assess all the building elements including the Sub-Floor, Roof Space, Site & Room by Room, takes time. It take us about 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours. We get it right the first time. All exceeding the Australian Standards.

Hamley Home Inspections

Mr Colin Hibberd


  • Director of Hamley Constructions Pty Ltd since 2004
  • Diploma of Building & Construction (Honours)
  • Certificate IV in Building & Construction
  • Certificate III, Pest Management Technician Units 8 & 10 with Distinctions

Full accreditation through Housesafe Training & Education for Pre-purchase Inspections.

Colin is a long standing member of The Pre-Purchase Inspectors Registry, Housing Industry Association and is a Full Member of the Australian Society of Building Consultants.

Hamley Constructions Pty Ltd has won Victorian & National HIA Awards.

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