Hamley Home Inspections

Investment Property

We Love Investment Properties

What a way to generate some wealth – but make sure you’re not buying a lemon; because your tenant will only tell you when it’s a BIG problem.

Avoid the horror stories and know whether you are indeed setting up a set and forget prospect.

Know what you may need to spend in the next 12 months, 2-5 years or 10 years and plan for it.

Smart, Savvy Purchasers call upon an expert to help them with what they need at a fraction of the purchase price.

Current Investors

Do you have an investment property now and want to maximize your returns.

We have worked alongside some of the best Property Managers in Melbourne and have seen the horror stories first hand that get airplay on shows like, A Current Affair.

We can perform an extensive report on the current state of your property from a building and structural perspective. Advise on health and safety issues and report any issues to you NOW before they cost you a fortune.

  • Maximize your returns without vacancy downtime.
  • Attract top quality tenants.
  • Increase the equity in your investment.

This is why you purchased it. Look after it and it will look after you. 10 fold!