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Timber Pest Inspections

A Timber Pest Inspection can save you $1000s.

Termites have been around since the dinosaur ages.

They are soft-bodied, ant like, social insect that feed on wood.

Termites resemble ants in their appearance, manner of living, and social organization, but are not closely related.

Termites can be very destructive to wooden buildings and structures, causing up to 2 billion dollars damage every year.

We will inspect all areas of the property both under, over and inside for signs of termite activity and provide you with an extensive report on our findings.

For more info on termites go to  Dr Don’s Termite pages. The CSIRO Expert who trained us in termite inspection…… Click the link below.

Termites are only one of the Timber Pests we check for. We are also looking for Timber mould, rot, borer and beetles.

All forms of timber pests are check for in our comprehensive Timber Pest Inspections

Don’t risk not knowing!